Thank you for your interest in the Badger Boys State Alumni Association. Founded in 2004, the Association builds upon the leadership tradition embodied by the thousands of citizen and counselor alumni. The goal of the Association is to be a leader in supporting Badger Boys State, Inc. through philanthropic gifts providing additional benefits to citizens. These gifts may be as simple as arranging in-kind donations from individuals, corporations or other foundations, to providing sponsorships for citizens to attend Badger Boys State.

Counselors71 If you are an alumnus, I encourage you to think back to your Badger Boys State experience. If you are like me, you will remember the tremendous friendships and contacts you made as well as the overwhelming pride for this great country. You may also remember the tremendous counselors and Legionnaires who spend over a week volunteering to make your Badger Boys State experience a positive lasting memory.

During the 73rd Badger Boys State session held June 14-21, 2014, Alumni Association donors helped raise enough money to sponsor 37 citizens. That may not seem like a lot out the 857 citizens who attended the 73rd session, but that is 37 more people who were able to hear Charles Wiley speak, 37 more students were able sing the Boys State song, 37 more students who were able to hear Wisconsin Governor Walker, but most of all, it allowed 37 more students experience Badger Boys State.

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